​2015 ​Kidney Cancer Association Patient & Survivor Conference​​ ​Northern California

Stanford Cancer Center ​Palo Alto, CA August 15, 2015 ​


Sandy Srinivas, MD

Overview of Kidney Cancer Association

Carrie Konosky

Overview of Medical Therapy of RCC

Sandy Srinivas, MD

Surgical Management of RCC

Geoff Sonn, MD

Clinical Trials in RCC

Sujata Narayanan, MD

Genomic Testing in RCC

Joshua Gruber, MD

Imaging in RCC

Erik Mittra, MD

Tissue/Blood Acquisition in RCC Research

Thomas Metzner, Research Associate

Patient Forum

Jordan Chavez, Social Worker, Stanford Hospital

2015 Kidney Cancer Association Patient & Survivor Conference

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Seattle, WA June 20, 2015

Overview of Kidney Cancer and Recent Advances

Scott Tykodi, M.D.

The Evolution of Robotic Nephron Sparing Surgery for Renal Cell Carcinoma

James Porter, M.D.

Recent Advances in the Genomic Characterization of Kidney Cancer

Min Fang, M.D.

Innate Immunotherapy Responses in Mouse and Humanized Mouse Models

Anthony Rongvaux, PhD

Selecting and Managing Targeted Therapies

Kamal Chatta, M.D.

Physician Panel Discussion/Q&A

Moderated by Dr. Tykodi

Survivorship 101: A Quick Course on What Happens Next

Leslie Heron, ARNP

Survivor Stories – Patient Panel

Moderated by Dr. Tykodi

2015 Kidney Cancer Association National Patient Conference

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, Texas Saturday, April 11, 2015

Options for Managing the Small Renal Mass

Surena F. Matin, MD

Management of Locally Advanced Kidney Cancer

Christopher G. Wood, MD

Management of Locally Recurrent Kidney Cancer after Definitive Treatment

Jose A. Karam, MD

Role of Cytoreductive Nephrectomy In The Setting of Metastatic Disease

Christopher G. Wood, MD

The Role of Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors and mTOR Inhibitors

Nizar Tannir, MD

Immunotherapy For Kidney Cancer: A New Renaissance?

Jianjun Gao, MD, PhD

What Are The Next Therapies On The Horizon For The Treatment Of Kidney Cancer?

Eric Jonasch, MD

What The Kidney Cancer Association Can Do For You

Carrie Konosky

Case Presentations

Surena F. Matin, MD; Jose A. Karam, MD; Nizar Tannir, MD, Jianjun Gao, MD, PhD; Eric Jonasch, MD

2015 City of Hope Regional Patient Conference

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Harvey Morse Conference Center Los Angeles, CA Saturday, February 7, 2015

Welcome and Introductions

Robert A. Figlin, M.D.

Welcome From Kidney Cancer Association

Craig DePriester

Overview of Renal Cell Carcinoma

David Hoffman, M.D.

Local Therapies – Surgery and Radiation Therapy Optimal Surgical Approach

Hyung Kim, M.D.

Surgery and Radiation Therapy Novel Radiation Therapy Approaches

Stephen Shiao, M.D.


Dan Luthringer, M.D.

Adjuvant Therapy

Kevin Scher, M.D.

Panel Discussion

David Hoffman, M.D.


Robert A. Figlin, M.D.

Targeted Therapies/Is Treatment Working?

Edwin Posadas, M.D.

Phase I Trials in RCC

Alain Mita, M.D.

Panel Discussion

Robert A. Figlin, M.D. Alain Mita, M.D. Edwin Posadas, M.D.

Supportive Care

Eve Makoff, M.D. Nancy Moldawer, RN, MSN John Lee, MS, LCGC

Clinical Trials

Jamie Richardson, RN, BSN, OCN, CCRP

Research & RCC

Robert A. Figlin, M.D.

2015 Kidney Cancer Regional Patient Conference

NYU Langone Medical Center New York University, NY January 10, 2015

Overview of Treatment Landscape; Early Stage Disease & Surgical Options

William Huang, M.D.

Understanding Current Treatment Options in Advanced Kidney Cancer

Robert Alter, M.D.

Immunotherapy Highlights

Janice P. Dutcher, M.D.

Recent Advances in Genomic Characterization of Kidney Cancer and the future of treatment

James Hsieh, M.D., PhD

Panel Discussion Audience Q&A Discussion

Ana Molina, M.D.

Living with Kidney Cancer: Patient Survivor Stories

Ana Molina, M.D.
Survivor Story
Janice P. Dutcher, M.D.
Robert Alter, M.D.